Reopening and Covid19 changes at South View

Published: 2020-06-05 / Author: Jill

Reopening and Covid19 changes at Southview

We haven't set out concrete guidelines as yet but we have briefs of what will be expected of us as owners and you as guests and it will be slightly different for all, and certainly for us will take some getting use to. So here goes.... Check in and check out times We cannot offer any early check in's or late check outs and we will have to be very strict with this and you will understand why further on. Currently check in and out is 10am and 4pm, we may have to change this to 9.30am and 4.30/5pm. some 3rd parties are making these times 9am and 5pm. Upon check in you will need to call me 20 minutes before arrival so that I know your on your way, I will then give out the key safe numbers for you so that you can arrive and enter the lodge. I will meet guests at the lodge but I won't be going inside and will explain everything including the hot tub while social distancing. Upon check out we will have to ask guests to strip the beds of linen and to place in a laundry bag. Cleaning of the lodges. Our lodges are always cleaned to the highest standard, but we are having to do more. Our team of cleaners including myself will clean while maintaining social distancing. We will be using products that kill all viruses, so for a while we will stop using our lovely green products. Some throws and scatter cushions will be removed from the lodges as I can't wash at 60degrees with out shrinking everything! All board games are having to be removed and other non essential items, along with salt and pepper and cooking oil. All items in the lodge will be re washed whether its cutlery, plates or bedding protection for your safety, but to top all of this we will be fogging each lodge after every changeover which then needs to be left for 3-4 hours before anyone enters it , so hopefully this will reassure you that the lodges will be cleaned to the highest of standards for your safety. Hot tubs will be checked everyday as always between 2pm-4pm, if guests are near the hot tub we will have to politely ask that you move away so that Andrew can do this safely while maintaining social distancing. This only takes 10 mins. In the lodge we will be leaving you hand sanitiser, anti bac wipes and anti bac cleaning spray. You won't need to use as you enter the lodge as we will of done this for you, but we would ask that you wipe things down before departure for the safety of our staff. We will trust that no one will turn up to stay that is feeling poorly. If you feel poorly during your stay you will unfortunately be asked to return home straight away. If you are fishing and using our mats and nets which we supply we will be disinfecting before we lend to you. If you go out for the day, the most important thing to do as soon as you get back is wash your hands for 20 seconds, this is the most effective way of killing coronavirus. Im sure there will be more things which pop up that I will need to inform you of when you arrive, but I just want to say......Ive hated writing all of this, its just all so different to what we have been use to, however we will all need to get use to it just like we are use to queuing when we go to the supermarket! lol We know that you will have a lovely time and we can't wait to see you all again hopefully starting on July 4th.... but that date is still not confirmed!! and as soon as it is we will be informing you all Take care and stay safe and be alert! Kind regards Andrew and Jill